How the FRENESIES Hair Prevention Cream Came to Be

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How the FRENESIES Hair Prevention Cream Came to Be

FRENESIES is made by Baltic Pharma. The adventure of starting Frenesies began 11 years ago.

The history of Frenesies hair growth prevention cream, goes back many years, the knowledge of how this cream inhibits hair growth is a family secret. In 2009 at the Paris CPHI exhibition we decided to turn this family secret into a commercial product. We already knew the essential ingredients needed to create a cream that stops unwanted hair growth, but there was much that needed to be done, in order to adapt it to make Frenesies commercially viable. Since then, the search for a great team of botanists, chemists, and doctors began. Once we put the right team together our ideas started to materialize.

The name Frenesies means frenzy, which matches the excitement and motivation that we used and continue to use to create innovative products. The expo in Paris helped us understand the importance of high quality cosmetic products, since, very few cosmetic products are made with the care of medicinal products. We wanted to stand out from the crowd and put great care into our product.

Our raw material is collected and exported from different parts of the world to laboratories located in Germany, Spain and France where they are processed under our instructions and all these processes have the exclusive know-how of Frenesies.
The last phase of the formula takes place in Riga. Our formulas are unique, and they continue to evolve even today!

In 2018 our team became bigger and we decided to move the business to the UK.
We will be sharing more blogs about our story soon!

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