Best Hair Removal Cream for Men

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Best Hair Removal Cream for Men

At one time or another, 'manscaping' is a word every man will read or hear uttered amongst friends. Manscaping is, quite simply, the process of men grooming their body hair for aesthetic purposes – whether it's to look better to others or feel better in themselves.

Either way, for most men, manscaping is a fact of life, especially if pesky hair is growing where you don't want it or growing in patches leaving you with uneven hair and an unsightly body.

Shoulder, back, and thick or patchy chest hair are the most common problem areas for men. But don't sweat it, there are many ways you can rid your body of unsightly hair and keep yourself well-groomed.

In this article, we explore the best ways to remove body hair as well as a permanent solution to unwanted body hair in the form of an easy-to-apply, affordable cream.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair

If you have had long-term problems with body hair, it's likely you've tried every method under the sun to keep your hair trim and tamed.

However, there are some fool-proof methods you can try, which include:


Without a doubt, waxing is the most effective method of removing body hair. Although somewhat painful, it removes hairs at the root which will not only slow regrowth but also prepare your body for FRÉNÉSIES Men, which we'll discuss later.

There are several ways to approach waxing, but the most effective methods are traditional hot waxing and new, natural sugar waxing, or sugaring.

Typically, waxing is comprised of the application of wax in an even layer on the skin before strips are applied and pulled away quickly, taking your hair with them. You can wax at home or you can visit a beauty professional at your local salon.

Waxing requires a certain skill to keep pain levels to a minimum and to prevent any damage to your skin, both of which beauty experts are trained to do.

Also, at a salon, your beauty therapist will be able to reach areas you can't, such as your back and shoulders, which helps to give you a clean-cut and smooth finish with body hair removed evenly.

To make the waxing process easier and as painless as possible, at least 24 hours before your waxing appointment, trim any thick hair with an electric trimmer and exfoliate areas of your body that you're having waxed. After, apply baby oil to soften the hairs, so they are easier to remove.


The most common method of hair removal for men is shaving either with a razor or electric shaver. It’s important to note that shavers and trimmers are different, and you should treat them as such.

For instance, if you have thick body hair, you will typically, want to trim the hair before shaving or removing the hair by other means to make the process easier. Just as if you were having your hair waxed, you should exfoliate your skin before shaving.

Once you have finished shaving, you should apply a soothing gel or moisturiser to reduce sensitivity and skin irritation, which will help to keep your skin moist.

While practical, the downside to shaving is that it does not remove hairs from the root, which means regrowth happens quickly.

Laser Treatment

Increasingly, laser hair removal is becoming more popular thanks to its ability to reduce or remove hair growth for anything from a few months to a couple of years.

How does laser hair removal work?

Quite simply, laser hair removal uses light which is then absorbed by your skin, damaging the hair follicles to slow regrowth. While effective, laser hair removal is costly, setting you back anything up to £1,000, and comes with possible risks such as scarring. Before laser treatment, you will need to shave the area you are having treated.

You should also avoid tanning or waxing up to four weeks before treatment. Due to its associated risks and cost, laser treatment remains a specialised treatment.

Permanent Hair Removal Cream for Men

FRÉNÉSIES Men is a specially formulated cream that during and after application works to block hair follicles and, as a result, reduce body hair regrowth by as much as 80% from the first treatment.

Treatment takes five consecutive days, during which you must reapply the cream every day.

FRÉNÉSIES Men can also be used to stop hair regrowth permanently, and this can be achieved by repeating the five-day treatment between two to four times or until hair growth has stopped completely.

Before applying FRÉNÉSIES Men, you must remove hair in the desired areas from the root which, as stated above, is best done by waxing.

Once you have had the necessary areas waxed, it’s important your beauty therapist does not apply any oils or creams to your skin. Instead, apply FRÉNÉSIES Men directly to the area. FRÉNÉSIES Men contains anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties to soothe your skin and prevent irritation. Always make sure the cream is applied evenly.

If you're a man looking to reduce or remove body hair entirely, FRÉNÉSIES Men is the answer. Unlike other forms of hair removal, our products offer a proven and affordable solution to body hair reduction and permanent hair removal without risks, such as those associated with laser treatment.

At FRÉNÉSIES, and through our joint work with top European scientists and physicians, we have developed an innovative treatment to stop unwanted hair growth and to get you feeling your best.

If you are looking to stop unwanted hair growth, start by applying one of our specially formulated FRÉNÉSIES creams...

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