Best Type Of Wax To Use On Different Body Parts

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Best Type Of Wax To Use On Different Body Parts

Best type of wax to use on different body parts

Waxing is a form of epilation (the removal of hair) that has been in existed since the ancient Egyptians.

It is a fantastic form of hair removal with longer lasting results than other methods of hair removal.

Wax can be used anywhere on the body for the removal of unwanted hair (apart from head hair), and with so many different places for you to remove hair, is there a specific type of wax to use on different areas of the body, and what are the different types of wax?

Every part of the body has a different sensitivity rating and what one persons finds painful, another maybe able to withstand the pain.

Now due to the different sensitive areas that will be waxed, it’s always a good idea to use the preferred type of wax that will be better suited to help reduce the pain element, as well as getting rid of all the hair, no matter how small and tricky the area is.

There are two main types of wax - soft and hard wax and both can be used in the salon or at home.

Soft waxing

Soft waxing is probably the wax you’ll relate to the most. It’s waxing with a strip. Normally, a thin layer of warm wax will be applied to the area wanted for hair removal, with a wooden spatula. A piece of cloth will then be applied on top of the wax, and pulled off, removing the wax and the hair.

This type of waxing is often used on larger areas of the body such as the legs.

If waxing is something you wish to do at home then you can you can use soft wax easily without any mess thanks to pre made wax strips.

Hard waxing

A wax that isn’t often used, because soft waxing is easier and cheaper to produce.

It is often used for waxing those smaller area such as lip, chin and on the bikini line.

This style of wax will be applied to the skin warm, like the soft wax, and is left to cool and harden. Once it is hard, it will be pulled off in the opposite direction that the hair grows.

What makes hard wax different to soft wax is that it only pulls out the hair and not the very top layer of skin cells like soft wax does. This means hard waxing is often less painful than soft wax and can be applied several times without irritating and damaging the skin.

Sugar waxing

Sugar waxing is what the Egyptians invented to remove their unwanted hair. It uses all natural ingredients and is a form of hard waxing. It normally consists of lemon, sugar and hot water with the sugar working to pull the whole hair out of its root.

This method of waxing is perfect for those with sensitive skin, because all the ingredients are natural and the wax won’t stick to the skin, meaning less irritation to occur.

What type of wax to use on each body part?

Soft waxing hair removal

Soft waxing is great for removing hair from a larger area and those finer hairs with the length being a minimum of a quarter of an inch long.

Areas that are most suitable for soft waxing include:

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Hands
  • Feet

Hard waxing hair removal

Hard wax removal is better for those sensitive areas that tend to be more painful when the wax is removed, and this achieved because it only removes the hair and not the skin.

It is great at removing unwanted hair from the following places;

  • Face
  • Stomach
  • Underarms
  • Bikini Line
  • Brazilian style

Now we fully understand that no one particularly enjoys removing their unwanted hair and that is why waxing is such a great way to do so because it lasts for a long time.

But have you thought about perhaps, halting the growth of your unwanted hair naturally and safely?

Well if you have, let us introduce FRÉNÉSIES creams that will do just that for you.

In order for the cream to make your unwanted hair weaker, finer and paler, the whole hair has to be removed from its follicle, so it goes hand in hand with waxing.

Apply the cream straight after waxing for it to soothe, moisturise and start its anti-inflammatory work, as well as getting down into the hair root to start blocking the protein from producing a new hair. Continue to apply the cream for the following four days to see up to a 70% reduction in hair growth.

It can take anywhere between two to four cycles of cream application to see the results of complete hairlessness.

FRÉNÉSIES have three types of cream, body cream, facial cream and a cream specifically designed for men.

There really isn’t anything else on the market that is as safe or has as long-lasting results as FRÉNÉSIES cream.

Make those unwanted hair areas a thing of the past, with FRÉNÉSIES.

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