Home Waxing vs Salon Waxing

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Home Waxing vs Salon Waxing

Home waxing and salon waxing, in essence, do the same job, but they in themselves are slightly different.

For example, at home waxing you do yourself, and at a salon wax, you have a professional waxing you.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so we thought we’d go through the pros and cons of both and what the differences are between them.

Home waxing

Home waxing is great and has been made to be as easy as possible with ready-made wax strips for you to pop on and rip off.

Alternatively, you can, of course, create your own wax, or buy a wax pot that heats up wax so it melts and can be applied directly to the skin.

Shop bought ready made wax strips come in a variety of sizes; small enough to wax areas of your face and others big enough to wax a larger area such as your legs.

Home waxing with ready-made strips are mess-free, but you do have to summon up the courage to pull that wax strip off because you know that pain is going to follow.

When you’re done with the strip, you simply throw it away, apply a light lotion onto your hair free skin and away you go.

If you choose to use a wax warming pot, this can get messy and is a lot messier than ready-made wax strips.

You need to make sure the temperature of the wax is right, so you don’t burn yourself, yet isn’t too cool so it doesn’t work. Then depending on the type of wax you’re using you either apply a strip of cloth (soft wax) and pull the wax off, or you’ll gently pull the wax off itself without a strip (hard wax).

The trouble with at home waxing is if you are inexperienced at waxing you can cause some bruising and minor bleeding in some cases if applied and pulled off incorrectly. Plus you run a higher risk of ingrown hairs too, partly because of the wrong technique and also, because you’re more likely to be too careful due to the pain element, and not pull all the hairs out.

You also run a higher risk of scarring yourself, because waxing is an irritant to the skin and if done incorrectly can lead to scarring, and in worse cases infection. Infection typically occurs when bacteria or dirt gets in through the open pores after waxing.

Salon waxing

There are many benefits to salon waxing no matter if you a novice or experienced with waxing.

Firstly they can reach all the areas that are hard to wax by yourself and ensure that all hair has been removed, leaving you without any patches of hair, and more extended results than at home waxing. It has even been said that having a salon wax is less painful than doing it yourself!

Salon waxing is also easier and more comfortable for you, as you don’t have to worry about clearing up afterwards, you don’t have to worry about getting the temperature right if you are using a wax pot, and the waxing technician will help soothe your skin afterwards with specialist cream.

The chances of burning, scarring or infection are significantly reduced, because the technician is fully trained, qualified and fully understands the needs of your skin. That’s why it is so important to tell your waxing technician if the area of skin that you are booked in to have waxed has changed in any way shape or form, or you are on medication, even antibiotics.

Whereas perhaps at home you wouldn’t think twice about waxing on your skin that may have a spot, bruise, or a scratch, or if you’ve started new medication/on long-term medication; this is where a problem can arise.

There are a lot of pros to getting waxed professionally, but of course, there are a couple of downsides too.

These include having to ‘reveal all’ if you are having an intimate area waxed. Often enough the technician should be able to provide you with paper knickers if you are concerned.

Then there is the cost and travelling also, but when thinking of this, you should remember that you’ll be hair free for longer and you minimise any increased risk that is involved when waxing yourself.

Fancy being hair free permanently?

When you wax you can expect to be hair free for anywhere between three and six weeks, but why not be hair free forever?

FRÉNÉSIES cream works perfectly with waxing to help stop any hair from re-growing. For the cream to work all hair has to be removed from its follicle, so it can get to work deep down within the root to disrupt the regrowth of the hair.

After one cycle of use, you’ll see anywhere between a 60-80% reduction in hair regrowth, with the cream usually taking anywhere between two and four cycles of treatment to stop hair growth altogether.

FRÉNÉSIES cream should be used after a waxing appointment as it helps to soothe irritation and redness also, and for the following four days, for you to start seeing results.

Whether you decide to wax at home or at a salon, FRÉNÉSIES cream can be your key to smooth, silky and hair free skin you’ve been waiting for.

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