Men’s Guide To Intimate Waxing

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Men’s Guide To Intimate Waxing

Intimate waxing isn’t just for females, and it’s the twenty-first century that has seen intimate waxing for men rise quickly in popularity.

As with ladies intimate waxing there are many styles that you can choose from, and with the world of waxing perhaps being a little daunting to you males, we thought we’d put together a guide so you know exactly what you want when you go to get waxed.

First let's start by saying for the best waxing experience and to remove everything you want, you’ll need to go to a waxing salon.

We wouldn’t recommend trying to wax ‘down there’ yourself as one, once you’ve applied the wax you’ll be very reluctant to pull it off! Two, it will be more painful doing it yourself, and three, you won’t be able to reach all the areas you need to, to ensure the perfect finish.

You may seem intimidated and nervous visiting a salon and showing the waxing technician your intimate area, add in the pain factor to and you’re ready to run for the hills. But don’t because the end result will be worth it.

Now let’s talk about the different waxing styles you can have.

From Brazillians, to Hollywoods, basic bikini to your traditional back, sac and crack, what waxing style is it that you want?

Basic bikini

Similar to the female waxing style, the waxing technician will wax off the sides of your pubic hair. To be precise, this is by the crevice of your leg. This wax style neatens up the edges for you.

Depending on what you want, the technician can wax further inwards from your leg crevice to reveal a smaller area of hair.

Back, sac and crack

The back, sac and crack wax is also referred to as a Brazilian wax for males and entails removing hair from your pubic region, including your penis, groin, scrotum and buttocks.

Often the most popular wax for men, as it removes most of the unwanted hair, to reveal smooth and soft skin.


Now the Hollywood wax is where everything comes off, and we mean all unwanted pubic hair. You’ll be left completely hair free. All hair from the pubic area, buttocks, tops of legs, penis, buttocks and scrotum will be removed, revealing a completely smooth, hair free area.

So why has waxing gained popularity?

As we said earlier, the twenty-first century has seen men wanting to ‘tidy up’ down there more so now than at any other time.

Men have been known to say that they feel cleaner by having their unwanted hair removed from the intimate area, while others say that shaping their pubic hair or getting rid of it, not only helps them to appear perhaps slimmer but also gives them a new found confidence.

If perhaps after a few waxing sessions you really have become accustomed to not having hair down there and would love to know if there was a permanent hair removal solution? Well, the answer is yes!

Frenesies for Men

Frenesies for Men has been specifically designed for use by men to get rid of any unwanted hair they have anywhere on their bodies. It only works when you have been waxed as it has been scientifically developed by the leading scientists in Europe to block the proteins and amino acids deep within the hair follicle from reproducing a hair. This can only happen when all the hair has been removed from the follicle - hence why it goes hand in hand with waxing.

Use the cream which also doubles up as a soothing, moisturising lotion helping to minimise the associated redness and irritation with waxing, after you have been waxed and apply for the following five days.

It takes between two and four cycles for this treatment to fully work (in extreme cases six) but once complete you will be hair free permanently.

The has never been a better time to get your intimate area waxed, and don’t worry about having to get ‘down there’ out in front of the waxing technician. They have seen it all before, and all that is on their mind is to provide you with a tidied up area or a hair free region that you want.

If you feel nervous let the technician know so they can help to put your mind at ease and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

So what style will you be trying?

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