Popular Areas For Men To Get Waxed

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Popular Areas For Men To Get Waxed

Although men are perceived as being the hairier species out of males and females, many men are now choosing to get rid of their body hair.

It can be for a number of reasons from personal choice, to helping with their sport such as swimming or bodybuilding, and in the 21st century is no longer a ‘taboo’ subject.

In fact there are many advantages to removing body hair; including lessening the chance of body odour, to making muscles appear bigger.

The celebrity popularity of male grooming is said to have influenced many men to follow suit; in fact it is estimated that one in three men now partake in male grooming.

Celebrities such as David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Robbie Williams have all chosen to either completely go hair less or to have it trimmed into shape.

So for those of you that are interested in grooming and venturing into “manscaping” the new coined term for male grooming, we’ve put together the most common places to have hair removed.

Popular Areas For Men To Get Waxed

Back and Shoulders

Men’s back hair removal is an extremely popular choice, partly because a lot of men do have hair on their back and or shoulders.

Some have the whole area covered in hair and others have hairy patches. This is perfectly normal and if the hair there bothers you then it is easy to wax it. Not only

Chest and Midsection

Chest hair removal and removal of mid section hair, including the stomach area is often a popular place to be waxed. Especially during summer months when men’s bodies are on show more, such as at the beach.


A controversial part to wax as everyone knows that men have hairy legs, but one that is a necessity to wax when a professional swimmer, to help reduce the drag in the water.


In case you hadn’t noticed more and more men are getting their eyebrows trimmed into shape.

Body Hair Designs

If you don’t want to get rid of all your body hair, but would like to add some shape and a design to it, to make it look neater then this is something that can easily be “manscaped”.

There are many different designs to choose from for the front of the body, including:


  • The Tree

The tree designs has a little hair on the chest (like a canopy of a tree) with a line of hair trailing down to the stomach (like a trunk of a tree).

  • Top heavy

This is where you just have hair on your chest

  • The Rug

Similar to The Tree but wider in all areas with a clear defined line from where the hair starts and ends on the ‘the trunk’ part.

  • The Snail

A vertical line of hair that grows just above the belly button.

Why Waxing Is Better Than Shaving Body Hair

When it comes to removing body hair, waxing will always be the preferred method. Why? Well, waxing keeps you hair free for longer than shaving and your body smoother, in fact you can expect to be hair free for up to four weeks. It is less time consuming and more hair will be able to be removed in one go than it would with shaving.

When hair does grow back it will do so thinner and not as strong.

You or the therapist performing the wax, will be able to distinctively see where they have been and where they need to wax to provide you with your design you want.

If you’ve considered permanently getting rid of your unwanted hair you can do through waxing and the use of Frenesies Men Cream.

A cream that has been specifically developed for men by scientists using natural ingredients that work to naturally inhibit the follicle from producing hair, with at least a reduction of 60-80% hair regrowth after one cycle of use.

If you’re thinking about male body grooming, then check out our handy Men’s FAQ on Hair Removal for a more indepth article on hair removal.

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