Pros And Cons Of Waxing And Laser Hair Removal

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Pros And Cons Of Waxing And Laser Hair Removal

Both waxing and laser hair removal are methods of removing unwanted hair, with one on a longer-term basis and the other is one being semi-permanent removal.

Waxing involves applying either a hot wax, sugar wax or wax strip to the area you want to get rid of hair and then pull the fabric/paper strip off which will pull the hairs directly out of its follicle, leaving you hair free for up to four weeks.

It was invented by the Egyptians and is one of the oldest forms of hair removal, enabling you to either do it at home or at a beauty salon for a better finish.

Laser hair removal is that of a relatively new hair removal method in comparison to waxing. It started to become commercially available in the 1990’s, with a recent surge in customers over the past decade, now it is able to be done at home and not just in a dermatologist clinic.

Laser hair removal works by a laser penetrating the hair follicle on the skin to halt growth and eventually killing off the hair follicle so no hair can grow. To zap a single hair shaft it happens in a matter of milliseconds but does take a few sessions to achieve the long-term hairless results wanted.

The pros and cons

Both methods work fantastically well at removing unwanted hair but we want to look at both the pros and cons of waxing and laser hair removal.

Waxing pros

Hair free for up to four weeks

When wax is used to remove unwanted hair, it does so by pulling the whole hair out of its root, meaning a whole new hair has to regrow - which means a slower regrowth time.

Hair grows back it will be thinner and weaker

When wax pulls the hair out of the follicle, it also damages it slightly so when the hair re-grows it does so weaker and thinner.

Waxing at home

If you don’t want to go to a beauty salon to be waxed then you are able to do it at home, with at home kits and ready-made wax strips.

Permanent hair removal

Waxing itself doesn’t provide permanent hair removal but when used in conjunction with FRÉNÉSIES cream, a hair growth prevention solution for those of you wanting to achieve permanent hair removal, you can.

Cons to waxing


The very first few sessions will be more painful, and in fact, the pain doesn’t ease as you continue to wax, but you actually start to become accustomed to the pain to expect.

There are areas that are more sensitive and a lot more painful to wax, for example, legs aren’t as painful as your armpits and bikini line.

Inbetween days and ingrown hairs

As hair has a three-stage cycle, when you wax the hair that is growing within the follicle, under the skin’s surface, won’t necessarily be picked up by the wax as it isn’t protruding above the surface of the skin.

Therefore you may be left with a few hairs that grow through nearer the time your due your next wax. You’ll probably experience the odd ingrown hair too. This occurs when the hair is waxed off, breaks under the surface and ends up not being able to grow outwards, and instead grows back on itself or sideways into the skin.

Irritation and redness

Waxing will naturally cause a form of skin irritation and redness, as the top layer of skin is being removed as well as the hair.

This should normally reduce and go back to normal within 24 hours, however on sensitive skin this could take longer and/or may not be the best option of hair removal for this skin type.

Pros to laser hair removal

Permanent removal

You can have long-term permanent hair removal through this hair removal method, with minimal damage to the skin’s dermis, resulting in even the sensitive of skins being able to have this treatment.

Hairless for longer

You can be hairless from six to twelve months when hair starts to grow back you’ll need a top-up session to help kill off any new growth and keep you hair free for a further six to twelve months.

Remove hair faster

You are able to remove hair anywhere on your body and at a faster rate because it can adapt for use in larger areas.

Cons of laser hair removal

Skin and hair colour

Laser hair removal only works well on those whose hair is darker than their skin colour. It’s the colour of the pigment in the hair that the laser searches for before zapping anywhere.

Those who have lighter coloured pigmented hair tend to find that laser hair removal doesn’t work as successfully.

Multiple sessions before you see results

It will take up to six sessions to start seeing results. As the laser only works on the active hair growth, you’ll find that you’ll need to go back for top up sessions initially so it can zap all the hair away. As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are three stages of hair growth and therefore not all (inactive) hair can be removed until they become active in the growth cycle.

These sessions aren’t cheap either, setting you back on average anywhere between £40 - £400 per session, depending on the area you are wanting to remove hair.


Often related to the pain of an elastic band zapping the area you are getting lasered (but multiple times), this a painful method, especially when your lasering a larger or more sensitive area. Technicians will often use ice cubes to help cool the area during the session.


Rarely an issue but it can happen, is hyperpigmentation. As the laser stimulates the melanin production, which is what causes a tanned look, you may end up with patchy, darker skin


For safe, permanent hair removal, your best option is to wax and then use FRÉNÉSIES cream, whether that’s the body cream, facial cream or cream for men, you really can now achieve a solution to your unwanted hair.

Our cream works exceptionally well with waxing because the whole hair needs to be removed completely in order for the cream to work.

You can expect after one cycle of use to see a reduction in hair regrowth of up to 70% and hair that does grow back will be thinner and lighter.

In order to halt unwanted hair growth, it will take anywhere between 2-4 cycles, and this is due to the 3 stage hair cycle, as not all hair growth is able to be removed at the same time.

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