Waxing Aftercare

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Waxing Aftercare

Waxing aftercare is so important to help keep your skin in its best condition and to keep any reactions that you may experience at bay. It is at this point when it will need the most care and attention.

It is also important to prevent (as much as possible) the chance for ingrown hairs to form and pimples from being waxed.

Pimples form because the pore is open after being waxed and can easily allow dirt and bacteria into it and fester. By following the post waxing tips below, you should be able to reduce the chance of getting these.

From the moment the area has been waxed to the following 24-48 hours, you’ll need to avoid doing the following:

  • Keep the area out of sunlight
  • Don’t have a shower or bath that is too hot
  • No tanning
  • No saunas
  • No swimming in chlorinated pools
  • Touching the area with unwashed hands
  • Don’t shave in between appointments

All of the above points can have an adverse reaction to a newly waxed area. This is, because the area becomes sensitive after being waxed, and the above points could lead to a reaction that wouldn’t normally happen to you.

You’re asked not to shave in between appointments, because when you wax you are trying to get all the hair cycles into one cycle, shaving in between your appointments will interrupt this and take longer for the hair cycle to synchronize.

What you need to do after being waxed

  • Apply a soothing lotion

This will need to be applied daily for the following 24 - 48 hours after being waxed. Once any redness or inflammation has calmed, you can continue using your normal moisturiser after this to keep the skin soft and supple, everyday.

  • Exfoliate

Don’t exfoliate for up to five days after you have been waxed, as the skin will still be sensitive and prone to being easily irritated.

But exfoliating once or twice a week is encouraged to avoid the chance of ingrown hairs.

  • Keep the area clean

It is so important to keep the area that has been waxed clean, as you don’t want any bacteria getting into the open pores and causing an infection.

Be cautious to not over scrub though, as this will cause irritation and make the skin red again.

Another post waxing tip is to apply a cold compress to soothe redness and reduce any inflammation that can occur. This will also help in closing (shrinking) the pores to reduce the chance of any bacteria getting into the pore and follicle.

If you’re wanting to achieve super soft skin, that is soothed as well as achieving permanent hair removal with the help of waxing, then we have the product for you.

Frenesies Body Cream will with natural herbal extracts, soothe away any irritation and redness from waxing, whilst working hard to block the amino acids and proteins that would facilitate hair growth. After just one use you’ll notice a reduction in hair growth by up to 60-80 percent. In fact you can achieve complete hairlessness in just 2-4 cycles of Frenesies Body Cream. (In extreme cases it can take up to six cycles).

It couldn’t be simpler to look after your waxed area than with our Frenesies Body cream to achieve to the ultimate hair free goal, with the softest skin.

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