What Can Stop Unwanted Hair Growth?

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What Can Stop Unwanted Hair Growth?

Unwanted hair growth can be a real nuisance that most people have, but there is no need to suffer and “put up” with it.

There are many hair removal and epilation products available on the market and at beauty salons, to rid your body of the hair, but what can fully stop unwanted hair growth?

Finally, all your unwanted hair growth can be long gone and permanently too.

Step into the arena our FRÉNÉSIES products to finally banish those pesky hairs away for good.

Our innovative products use natural ingredients that are backed by science to permanently reduce your hair regrowth, even to a point where it won’t grow back at all, when used in conjunction with epilation.

Our full range has been tested in the EU and has been proven to be the safest treatment for reducing hair growth as a permanent solution.

We’ve designed our products for both women and men, targeting all those areas where you really don’t want hair growth, including the face. Solely based on herbal extracts and natural ingredients, we wanted our creams to not only target slowing down hair regrowth, but to deliver the anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturising properties both body and facial moisturisers do too, especially after hair removal when it is most important.


The main ingredient in our body cream and all our creams is the Brazil nut, a clever nut that helps to prevent the growth of hair from deep down in the hair follicle. We also include Selenium which also blocks the hair growth down in its root.

White Willow also known as Salix Alba, is within our products to implement the soothing, nutritious, moisturising nourishment your skin needs after hair removal. You can use our body creams on all areas of your body, where epilation is appropriate.

FRÉNÉSIES Facial Cream

Our facial cream has been adapted to remove unwanted hair growth on the delicate facial area. It includes the ingredients; chamomile and lavender to better the experience of our cream and provide even more calming properties, as the facial area is more sensitive to epilation than your leg area, for example.

It still incorporates the powerful Selenium within it to help inhibit the hair regrowth process, and after your first treatment you will see that your facial hair growth has reduced by up to 70%.


Our cream designed specifically for men, has been produced to tackle mens hair that is thicker and more brittle than ladies hair. Chamomile and rosemary has been included in this product to help soothe, hydrate and comfort the area after epilation, all while the main ingredients get to work deep down in the follicle disrupting the hair regrowth process.

In order for our FRÉNÉSIES creams to work, the whole hair has to be removed and that is why we would highly recommend waxing or epilating to ensure all hair has been fully removed from its root.

Sadly, shaving doesn’t work well in conjunction with our cream, because shaving only “trims the hair” at the skin surface, and doesn’t get all of the hair out of its follicle. Hence why your hair grows back quicker when you shave.

Often after epilation, your skin will be irritated and sensitive. By applying our cream you’ll be tackling the hair regrowth rate and soothing, pampering your skin with the very best anti-inflammatory and comforting, hydrating ingredients.

FRÉNÉSIES treatment

One whole treatment involves you applying our cream straight after epilation and once a day for the following five days.

After the first session you’ll be able to notice a reduction in your hair regrowth by 60%-80%. Your hair will also appear thinner, lighter and will be considerably weaker too, thanks to the cream getting deep within the follicle to block the protein and amino acids from forming the hair regrowth process.

It can take between two and four sessions of epilation and application of our FRÉNÉSIES cream to permanently get rid of your unwanted hair growth, and in extreme cases up to six cycles.

Still unsure? We’ve been mentioned in Vogue, Bride, Stylenest, Belfast Telegraph, and have been Highly Commended in the Pure Beauty Awards 2017 as Best International Breakthrough Brand.

Why not take a look at our products for yourself and become one step closer to permanent hair removal?

At FRÉNÉSIES, and through our joint work with top European scientists and physicians, we have developed an innovative treatment to stop unwanted hair growth and to get you feeling your best.

If you are looking to stop unwanted hair growth, start by applying one of our specially formulated FRÉNÉSIES creams...

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