What To Expect At Your First Waxing Session

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What To Expect At Your First Waxing Session

Going to your very first waxing session with a beautician can seem daunting and intimidating, especially if you haven’t ever attempted waxing at home by yourself, because you truly don’t know what to expect.

But that’s ok because we thought we would let you know exactly what you should expect from your very first session.

Body preparation before your session

The day before you go for your waxing session, you’ll need to prepare the area you are getting waxed, so it is in the perfect condition to be waxed.

Trim your hair

Ideally, your hair will be ¼ to ½ inch long; if it’s any longer, then you run the risk of the hair breaking off halfway, rather than being completely pulled out.

If the hair is long, just trim it to size, which will also help with reducing the pain level (slightly) when it comes to being waxed off.


The night before your waxing appointment take a shower or bath and exfoliate the area to help the hair stand more pronounced, and to remove dead skin cells.

It’s so important to do this the night before your appointment because if you do this right before your waxing appointment, it will make your skin more sensitive and will be more irritated once your waxing is complete.

In between your waxing appointments you’ll need to exfoliate once to twice a week, just so the hair that grows back can break through the skin effortlessly and help in reducing the chance of an ingrown hair.


Once you’ve exfoliated the night before your appointment, you’ll need to moisturise to rehydrate your skin. Again you should do this the night before as when you go for your appointment the skin in the area that is getting waxed shouldn’t have anything on it as it can affect the wax by not allowing it to stick down properly and grabbing all the hair.

On the day of your waxing appointment.

When the day of your waxing appointment comes round, you’ll want to wear loose clothing, so when you are hair free, the garment won’t stick to you or rub the exposed area which will naturally be irritated from the waxing.

Always have a quick shower or bath on the day of your appointment for hygiene reasons and to wear clean underwear.

Just to pre-warn you, waxing is painful, especially your first session. As you continue with your waxing sessions, you’ll become accustomed to the pain and won’t feel it as much. If you think it will be too painful and you can, take paracetamol up to half an hour before your appointment to mask the pain slightly.

When you arrive for your appointment you’ll be asked to fill in a medical questionnaire that allows you to state any allergies you may have and if you have any medical conditions. This is standard procedure and lets them know what products they can’t use on you and what they should do if a medical emergency happens.

Next, the waxing technician will introduce themself and take you into the room where they’ll wax you.

Depending on where you are getting wax you’ll be asked to remove the piece of clothing, so they can get to where you want to be waxed.

If you are having your intimate area waxed, then you may be supplied with throw away paper knickers to wear if you’re feeling self-conscious. Again, depending on the style, you are having waxed you may have to ‘reveal all’ when having a Brazilian or Hollywood wax.

The technician will first sanitise the area being waxed and then apply a layer of wax which will be warm to the area. Next, they’ll apply a cloth strip over the wax and apply pressure, so it sticks and then quickly pull it off your skin, taking away the hair.

This process will be repeated over the area being waxed until all hair has gone.

Once you’ve been waxed, the technician will apply a soothing lotion to help calm the skin as it will become red, possibly bumpy and will look irritated.

This is perfectly normal and should calm down in the following 24 hour period.

Waxing aftercare

There are some protocols you should undertake following the 24 hours after your waxing appointment and until your next waxing session.

You should avoid doing the following, during the first 24 - 48 hour period after a wax:

  • Avoid being in direct sunlight
  • Don’t use tanning beds
  • Don’t use an exfoliant
  • Don’t apply any creams that have a fragrance or has ingredients that can irritate the skin
  • Don’t spray deodorant on your underarms if you’ve waxed them as the open pores will become clogged and irritated
  • Wearing tight clothing will enhance irritation
  • Avoid excessive heat such as saunas and hot tubs
  • Also, avoid touching the freshly waxed area as this can enhance the chance of infection

All the above points will cause further irritation, possible infection and delay the healing time, which is something that doesn’t need to happen when it will only take up to two days to heal.

Once you’re over the 48 hour threshold and up until your next waxing appointment, regular exfoliation and moisturisation will help keep your skin in its very best condition, ready for the next appointment.

Why not make your moisturiser work harder for you by not only reducing the associated redness from waxing, while soothing and moisturising skin, but also working to put a stop to the regrowth of your unwanted hair - permanently!

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The cream goes hand in hand with waxing because, in order to be able to work, the whole hair has to be removed from its root, which is what waxing does.

Hopefully, our step by step guide will ease any concerns you may have with your first waxing appointment and what to do to prepare for it. Remember if you have any concerns to speak with your waxing technician who’ll be able to answer your questions, and put your mind at ease.

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