Case Studies, Before & Afters and Reviews


Here are some reviews and before & afters collected from our customers.



“Love the smell of the product, and the texture. Felt so lovely to put on and very luxurious. Looking forward to using that over the next few days. Really thick and gorgeous! After just one cycle I’ve seen a reduction in hair with it being finer and more ‘patchy’ than before.” - Kerst M


“I absolutely love this product so far! It took a good 3 weeks before I noticed any regrowth and it seemed quite patchy so the cream definitely had an effect and the hair was quite soft.” - Amanda F



“I was sceptical, could a hair removal cream really prevent hair growth!  I have been pleasantly surprised and I have seen a DEFINITE reduction in my hair growth.  I will be continuing to use this product, its surpassed all my expectations and the results have astounded me.” - Amanda C



“The cream definitely works!!! After the first treatment in my chest and back the hair was visibly much thinner and has completely gone in some places" - Anthony F

“This cream has reduced the hair on my chest and arms and although it is still growing back patchy in areas it’s given me a result I never expected.” - Barry F