FRÉNÉSIES tips for facial epilation

FRÉNÉSIES tips for facial epilation

Should we use different epilation methods for different areas of our face?

In short, we need to use different epilation methods in each area as facial hair has different characteristics depending on the area and skin sensitivity also varies. Below are a few suggestions on how to deal with unwanted hair in each area:

  • Chin: this is the area with the darkest and strongest hair and with less sensible skin. For this area we recommend warm wax to be able to remove the hair.  You can also use the tweezers if the amount of hair is small and doesn’t merit waxing (but be careful to remove the hair in its entirety as the use of tweezers may cause the hair to break!). 
  • Eyebrows: in this area hair is weaker and easier to remove. We recommend the use of hair threading, which is also very helpful in shaping eyebrows and eliminating unwanted hair between the eyebrows.
  • Forehead: this is one of the most complicated facial areas as hair often grows very fast and thick. We recommend using hot wax. Please note that due to the fast hair growth in this area you may need to epilate up to once a week. 
  • Upper lip: this is where the hair is normally weakest and the skin is very sensitive so you need to be careful in choosing a hair removal method. The hair in this area varies according to age, at puberty many girls have a slight mustache with fine hair, but in adults this hair tends to be stronger and darker. We do not recommend using laser treatments as it can leave small blemishes/dots on the skin (please note that these blemishes/dots usually disappear in 2 to 3 weeks, but may be aggravated by exposure to sunlight). We therefore recommend using warm wax in this area. 

How FRÉNÉSIES can help you stop unwanted facial hair growth?

There are certain medicated creams and other pharmaceuticals that can be prescribed by doctors to help put an end to facial hair growth. However, these don’t always work!

FRÉNÉSIES Facial Cream has been scientifically developed by European scientists to incorporate natural and clinically proven ingredients to help naturally stop unwanted facial hair growth.

The active ingredient, Selenium, inhibits hair growth deep within the hair follicle by breaking down the active proteins and amino acids that are needed to produce hair. Any hair that does grow back will be thinner, paler and weaker until it ultimately stops growing back after repeated treatments.

How to use FRÉNÉSIES Facial?

For the best possible results in using FRÉNÉSIES Facial you must ensure that hair is removed from its root. This entails that waxing is the best hair removal method when used in conjunction with the FRÉNÉSIES Facial.

As soon as the area has been waxed, apply FRÉNÉSIES Facial cream to get it to work straight away. The cream will also soothe, moisturise and reduce redness associated with waxing thanks to its natural herbal extracts the (White Willow (Salix Alba)), leaving your skin silky smooth.

For the cream to work you have to apply it every day for five days starting from the day you waxed.

Depending on the facial area, after the first cycle you should see a 60-80% reduction in hair regrowth, with hair being completely gone on a permanent basis after two to four cycles of treatment. Please note that according to our clinical trials in the most extreme cases it can take up to six cycles of treatments.

So if you’re experiencing unwanted facial hair growth, you can achieve your ultimate goal of completely and permanently eliminating unwanted hair with FRÉNÉSIES Facial Cream.

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