How To Remove Facial And Body Hair Permanently At Home

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How To Remove Facial And Body Hair Permanently At Home

Whether you are wanting to remove unwanted facial hair or unwanted hair growth on your body, with the following epilation processes used in conjunction with our infamous cream, you too can achieve permanent hair removal from the comfort of your very own home.

For your body to achieve the ultimate status of complete hairlessness for a longer period of time and even better forever, then there are two ways you can achieve this - waxing or using an epilator.

There are few different options with waxing that you can choose to do at home. You can either buy an at home warm wax kit, where you have a little machine to warm the wax up.

Apply with a spatula to the area you want to remove the hair from, place a clean strip over the top and pull strip with the wax on it, off.

Or you can buy ready made wax strips that you warm up by rubbing them in between your hand, place them on the area you want to wax and then pull the strip off. The latter is less messy and cheaper.

Also with the at home wax kits you’ll have to have knowledge on how to work it, and especially understand the right temperature the wax has to be, to work properly.

Waxing is a fantastic way of getting rid of your hair growth in the areas you don’t want. The length of time you’ll be hairless varies from person to person, but typically you can expect to be free of hair anywhere between three and six weeks.

Waxing also helps to reduce the thickness of the hair and aids in reducing the growing time, ultimately meaning your hair free for longer.

Epilating is also a fantastic way of getting rid of the hair for a longer period of time.

It’s an electronic device that pulls many of your hairs out, directly from the follicle at any one time

You turn it on and glide it across the area you want to remove the hair from, making sure you are moving in the opposite way of hair growth. (e.g if epilating your leg then you’ll start from your ankle and slowly move upwards towards your knee).

Most epilators can be used either when you are bathing or showering or once you are dry. (If you want one you can use in either situation, make sure yours is multi use as not all are).

Again, an epilator works well at reducing your hair growth like waxing, and you can also expect to be hair free from three to six weeks but this also varies from person to person.

Waxing or using an epilator is a fantastic way to be hair free for longer, but what about becoming permanently hair free? Is this possible to do at home? Well, yes it is!

With the use of our creams alongside epilation you can achieve even less hair growth and the end result is permanent hair removal.

How to remove body hair permanently at home

If you use an epilation method at home, you really are only one more step away from achieving permanent hair removal.

All you have to do is apply our FRÉNÉSIES body cream once you have waxed or epilated.

Continue to apply it for the following five days to see a reduction in hair growth of up to 60-80% from one cycle of treatment. It can take between two to four cycles of epilation/applying our cream to reach the permanent hair removal you desire.

Our body cream includes white willow for its moisturising effect and anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce any redness and pain associated with epilation, and to infuse your body with its much needed moisture after this process.

How to remove facial hair permanently at home

If you wax or epilate your face via an epilator, to get rid of those pesky chin hairs or other unwanted cheeky hairs, you too can finally be hair free, when you use our FRÉNÉSIES facial cream afterwards.

First, make sure you have removed all the visible hair, then apply our face cream that has added lavender and chamomile, to this delicate area to help reduce the appearance of irritation and do so for the following 5 days (like you do the body cream).

After the first cycle you’ll be able to see a reduction in hair growth by 70%. Again, it may take a few cycles to get the full effects of permanent hair removal.

You’ll also notice that when the hair does grow back, it will be thinner, weaker and lighter in colour.

Our FRÉNÉSIES Creams are completely harmless and have been vigorously tested to prove that they are the safest and healthiest way to achieve permanent hair removal.

In order for our creams to fully work, the area you are treating, it has to have all hair removed from their roots. Hence why our creams goes hand in hand with epilation via waxing or using an epilator, because it can get deep down in the hair follicle and disrupt the hair growth process.

Interested? Then why not take a look at what cream you need for a hair free tomorrow?

At FRÉNÉSIES, and through our joint work with top European scientists and physicians, we have developed an innovative treatment to stop unwanted hair growth and to get you feeling your best.

If you are looking to stop unwanted hair growth, start by applying one of our specially formulated FRÉNÉSIES creams...

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