How to Stop Facial Hair Growth

stop facial hair growth

For women, there's nothing worse than unsightly facial hair. Appearing in places that you simply don't want, including the surface of the chin, the upper lip, and even the cheeks, facial hair can appear at any time of a woman’s life but especially as they age.

In this article, we explore different methods for stopping facial hair growth for good.

Female Facial Hair Removal

There are a variety of methods you can use to remove unwanted facial hair. Below, we look at some of the easiest and, possibly, least painful methods of doing so.

Removal Tips for Unwanted Facial Hair

Removing Chin Hair

A particularly unsightly area to have hair if you're a woman, the chin is one of the most commonly complained about areas for unwanted facial hair. As your chin has bumps and curves, it can be difficult to wax, which means tweezing is an easier option that, providing you take your time, will ensure a smooth, even finish. Before you begin, make sure you have a large mirror to hand and are tweezing in a well-lit room so you can see every last hair.

Removing Upper Lip Hair

Your upper lip is very sensitive which means removing upper lip hair can be painful; however, it's necessary. While some women choose to shave their upper lip hair, it's important you use a method that will remove the hairs from the root to slow regrowth. The best way to remove upper lip hair is by threading, just in the same way you have your eyebrows threaded. Alternatively, waxing is a good option, too.

Removing Cheek Hair

While hair on your cheek may not always be the most noticeable, it's nice to have smooth skin on your face. As your cheeks cover a larger area, you need to remove hair using a method that can cover a large area quickly. In which case, waxing is your best option. To prevent damaging your skin, always visit a beauty professional to have your face waxed evenly and without causing tears in the skin.

What Stops Hair Growth?

Thanks to modern science and technology, there are several ways you can stop hair regrowth and, particularly, facial hair regrowth. To slow hair regrowth, always make sure you remove hairs from the root, which means tweezing, threading or waxing rather than shaving or using hair removal cream.

By doing so, you may only see to your facial hair once a month rather than once a week, for instance. If you're looking to clear your facial hair for good, you may want to try electrolysis, or laser treatment which removes hairs from their roots using heat applied through an electric current, effectively 'burning away' hairs.

However, while electrolysis is effective, full treatment may set you back up to £1,000 which makes it a costly treatment. Alternatively, there are a variety of prescription creams that you may be able to get from your doctor; however, such creams are not always accessible and may simply slow hair regrowth rather than stopping it permanently.

If you're looking for a sure-fire way to stop facial hair regrowth, there's FRÉNÉSIES.

How to Stop Facial Hair Growth Permanently

The holy grail of ridding your face of unwanted hair is to find a permanent solution. At FRÉNÉSIES, we've done just that. Working with some of Europe's top scientists and physicians, we have developed an innovative hair prevention solution in the form of an affordable cream that you can apply as part of a five-day treatment.

Providing you have spent some time removing hairs from the roots before beginning our treatment, you will see a reduction in hair regrowth almost instantaneously.

There are four stages to our treatment, including cleaning the skin and not using any oils or creams at least 24 hours prior to prepare the skin, followed by hair removal, in which you should remove hair from its roots.

It is incredibly important that you remove hairs properly, from the root; otherwise, the treatment will not work. Following preparation, you will be able to apply our cream immediately after hair removal and then repeat the application for five days. All orders come with detailed instructions.

For permanent results, you must repeat the treatment up to four times.

In comparison to laser treatment, our unique hair growth prevention treatment is a fast and cost-effective solution and provides a doorway to a healthier, happier and, importantly, confident you.

If you're feeling down about unwanted facial hair, FRÉNÉSIES Facial has you covered.

At FRÉNÉSIES, and through our joint work with top European scientists and physicians, we have developed an innovative treatment to stop unwanted hair growth and to get you feeling your best.

If you are looking to stop unwanted hair growth, start by applying one of our specially formulated FRÉNÉSIES creams...

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