How Long Does Epilator Hair Removal Last?

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How Long Does Epilator Hair Removal Last?

Epilation is a fantastic hair removal method, and one that can last for many weeks, unlike many other hair removal methods.

An epilator is an electronic device that extracts the whole hair straight from the hair follicle. It simulates plucking but instead of grabbing one hair at a time, it pinches multiple in one go.

The great advantage of epilating unwanted hair growth is that it prolongs the hair regrowth, unlike shaving where you can expect to see your hair growing back after two days of shaving.

How long does epilator hair removal last?

Epilator hair removal typically last anywhere between three to six weeks, dependant upon individuals hair growth rate, hormones and genetics.

If you haven’t used an epilator before, your hair could grow back sooner than expected, and this is down to the natural cycle of your hair growth.

You see not all hair is visible at the same time. So when you have removed your visible hair, there is another lot that is waiting to appear.

This is completely normal and happens to everyone.

Once you have used your epilator several times you will find your hair growth has slowed and you will be able to reduce the frequency of epilation.

It will prolong the time it takes for your hair to grow back but it won’t permanently get rid of your hair forever.

How to prolong hair growth after epilation

To help prolong your hair growth, when you first start to epilate, you should epilate  more frequently at the beginning to help catch all the hairs in their different stages of the cycle.

This will help to synchronize the majority if not all of your hairs into one cycle.

We’re not talking about epilating every day - we mean epilating every one to two weeks for the first few times. Hair takes twenty-eight days to grow on average, and once in a singular cycle the hairs can stack up together, instead of growing all over the place and out of sync. Meaning you’ll be able to enjoy more time without unwanted hair and spend less time epilating in the long run.

Alternatively if you want to prolong your unwanted hair growth further, with the possibility to eventually completely eradicate hair regrowth, then you can do so by using your epilator and our FRÉNÉSIES cream together.

Our specially formulated cream can dramatically reduce the growth of your hair in unwanted places buy up to 60-80% after a couple of treatments, when used in conjunction with epilation.

With active natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work by breaking down the hair growth process within the hair follicle, you will not be disappointed with the results.

It may take up to four rounds of treatments and in extreme cases even six, but you’ll be left with permanent perfect hair free, soft skin that you’ll be wanting to show off at every available opportunity.

Our FRÉNÉSIES body and facial cream works towards making the hair lighter in colour, thinner and crucially weaker, meaning it can eventually be removed permanently, with the use of our cream for a few more sessions.

It also works wonders at helping to reduce the redness and inflammation often associated as a result of epilation. It will also moisturise beautifully without clogging your pores, which is essential for dramatically reducing the chance of ingrown hairs.

So if you would like up to six weeks of hair removal or to even achieve permanent hair removal, then epilation and our FRÉNÉSIES cream will be your best friend.

At FRÉNÉSIES, and through our joint work with top European scientists and physicians, we have developed an innovative treatment to stop unwanted hair growth and to get you feeling your best.

If you are looking to stop unwanted hair growth, start by applying one of our specially formulated FRÉNÉSIES creams...

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