Soft Wax vs Hard Wax

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Soft Wax vs Hard Wax

Waxing as we all know is one of the very best hair removal methods, as it provides the long lasting, silky smooth, hair-free results.

Dating back to the Egyptian times, waxing has been the go-to popular hair removal method for many centuries, and over these years, the wax has been developed and altered to achieve the best results. In essence today we have two types of wax that we can use; soft wax and hard wax.

What is soft wax?

Soft wax is what you probably think of when you think of wax. It is the wax that is most typically used in salons or on pre-made wax strips you can buy and use at home.

In the salon, the wax technician will generally use a specialist wax pot that heats up the wax and is then applied to the skin warm with a spatula. Then the technician will apply a cloth strip over the top of the wax, press down and swiftly pull the wax off, along with your unwanted hair and any dead skin cells.

What is hard wax?

Hard wax is also warmed in a specialist waxing pot and applied to the skin with a spatula. Once the wax has thickened, it is then pulled off without the use of a cloth strip. Beauty technicians often prefer hard wax because it causes less pain and doesn’t leave any wax residue on the skin. Using hard wax also lowers the chance of severe irritation too.

In fact, it was this type of wax that was invented by the Egyptians (Sugar waxing) and is how they use to get rid of their unwanted hair.

With three key ingredients; honey, lemon and sugar you too can make your own hard wax at home, just like the Egyptians once did.

Which wax is better for you?

You do not necessarily get to choose which wax to be used if you are going to a salon or using ready-made wax strips, but it is good to know that there are pros and cons to both types of waxes.

One wax may be better suited to some people than others, as well as some areas of the body responding better to a particular type of wax.

For example; if you have sensitive skin, hard wax is better suited for your skin type, because sensitive skin tends to feel more pain. Hard wax isn’t as painful as soft wax as it only pulls out the hairs and not dead skin cells.

The pain felt is caused by the wax pulling the hairs out of their root, along with the top layer of dead skin cells (when waxed with soft wax).

If you’re waxing a larger area such as your legs or arms, then soft wax will be the preferred waxing method. This is, because soft wax works better when removing unwanted hair from a larger area, and will be quicker too. Plus soft wax is cheaper to produce than hard wax, so will be cost effective also.

As hard wax only pulls the hair out of its follicle, it works really well in those slightly more sensitive areas, such as; the face, armpits and the bikini area. Hard wax is excellent for epilating those small areas such as the chin because it won’t cause much mess or leave any residue behind.

How waxing is your gateway to being completely hair free

As we have already mentioned, waxing is the perfect solution to get rid of your unwanted hair as it leaves you hair free for longer, but it can also help you to be hair free on a permanent basis with used with FRÉNÉSIES cream

It doesn’t matter whether you want to get rid of unwanted hair on your body or your face, FRÉNÉSIES have creams that can do both, so you no longer have to worry about those pesky hairs making a reappearance.

From just one cycle the scientifically approved cream with natural ingredients will give you a reduction in hair growth of up to 80%.

The cream works deep inside the hair follicle once the whole hair has been removed to block the proteins and amino acids from producing hair growth.

Both hard and soft wax work in partnership with the cream, to help give you permanently silky smooth skin without the fuzz!

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