Hair-free and radiant skin should be simple

Discover the beauty secrets of our family-owned natural beauty company. We make groundbreaking products for permanent hair growth reduction and skincare. Our mission is to boost body confidence with accessible skin remedies. Join us on the journey to radiant beautiful skin.


It is know that about 60% of the plants that have proven medical properties are only found in tropical rainforests, which is where our story began. At FRÉNÉSIES we uniquely combine recipes hidden in the Amazon, customs of the South American aborigines, with the finest ingredients extracted from nature.

To transform these ancient recipes, we had to create a specialised team, starting with South American agronomist who helped collect the ingredients, and on to laboratories in Europe where German, English and Latvian chemists work with cutting edge science to extract and deliver the hidden qualities of these products.

Last but not least, the constant supervision of European and American Doctors was necessary to achieve the highest clinical standards of safety and efficacy. FRÉNÉSIES delivers "clean and green natural science" - combining natures resources using old and new technologies to deliver clean, safe and functional products.


Just like magic in a pot.

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From a family secret in the Amazon to medical labs in Europe

Born in Caracas, Venezuela and having lived in Caracas, Miami and Riga - I spent all my life around gardens.

Since childhood, I've been helping my grandmother ("Oma") to look after orchids. Oma won national awards for her work on orchid breeding. She taught me to always look to nature for health remedies.

This meant that for me all the needs for cures or beauty solutions always came from recipes with natural ingredients.

When I moved to Europe with my family, I wanted to bring into the world a combination of the best natural extracts with recipes from both South America and Europe. This resulted in the birth of FRÉNÉSIES.

My ambition is to provide solutions to everyday problems with extracts from nature, obtained with the highest technology.

I hope that through FRÉNÉSIES you join us in a world that is immersed in nature.

- Karina Krumins