Best Way To Remove Body Hair From Men

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Best Way To Remove Body Hair From Men

Body hair on men is completely natural with every man having a different level of hairiness. From chest hair, to back hair, facial hair, hairy legs and hair on the stomach to name but a few places. But in recent years there has been a growing trend for many men to get rid of their body hair to provide a smooth, soft body.

Now there is no wrong or right answer to whether men should or shouldn’t have body hair but if you want to remove it then we thought we’d find out what the best way to remove your body hair is.

Why do men have body hair?

First let’s look at why men have body hair.

Well compared to the rest of the mammals, humans are actually the least hairiest, with only elephants and rhinos matching our level of hairiness.

Predominantly our hairy bodies were a form of protection from the elements include the Sun, but as we developed and started to stand, we didn’t need this protection as much.

When it comes to men and women, men definitely have more body hair. This is down to the hormone Androgens which is found in both males and females. Androgens includes the hormone testosterone, which is predominantly a male hormone that is present more in men than women.

Hair follicles receptors are able to detect and place together androgens to stimulate hair growth within the follicle. When a male hits puberty, androgens increase which starts off the process of body hair to grow.

The reason men have more body hair is down to the hormone fact but also down to evolution and how by having more body hair you appeared more dominant and stronger than others too, which is something males thousands of years ago didn’t want from a female mating partner.

How is body hair different on men to women?

Body hair is different on men and women, because on males it is coarser than it is on females, and it grows in more places on the body compared to that of females.

As we have previously stated, the reason is down to the hormones that reside in males and females and how they differ.

Best way to remove men’s body hair?

So what are the best methods to remove men’s body hair? Well, there is quite a choice for you to select from, including;

  • Waxing
  • Shaving
  • Hair removal creams
  • Laser hair removal

Generally for the face shaving is the most popular choice for hair removal as it is quick and easy but does have to be done on a frequent basis.

When it comes to removing body hair, the prefered choice is waxing as it will leave you hair free for longer and doesn’t provide that stubbliness associated with shaving.

If you opt for waxing and you have very long body hair, to make waxing less painful we’d strongly suggest you trim the hair to around half an inch. This will reduce the amount of hair that needs to be pulled from the body via the wax which if left can cause the hair to break off above the skin level, and can even reduce the chance of being able to pull the whole hair from the follicle.

Waxing is great when trying to get rid of a big area of hair in one go but works equally well in smaller areas too.

Waxing will be easier if you have someone else do it for you, because they can get to all areas - waxing your back on your own is near on impossible!

If shaving body hair, this will provide you with super smooth skin but only for a short period of time. Plus shaving larger areas of your body can be time consuming especially when you have to do it frequently. Plus you’ll go through countless razors too.

Hair removal creams are another option for boy hair removal, however these take longer to do. For example with these creams you apply the cream and then have to wait between ten and fifteen minutes on average before you are able to wipe it away. This not only takes time but also will only keep you hair free for a short time, a bit like shaving does.

Laser hair removal is another hair removal option if you are looking to be hair free for up to a year.

The laser finds the hair and predominantly kills the hair and follicle over several sessions. It works well for those that have darker hair on lighter skin, as it works by looking for the pigment in the hair and zaps it.

After six months to a year you’ll need a top up session to again stop any regrowth from occuring.

This works out to be the most expensive form of hair removal and works more on a semi-permanent basis.

If you are looking to rid your body of hair completely then a simple more gentle method is to use Frenesies Men cream after waxing.

Frenesies Men has been scientifically designed for men, to stop hair growth completely once the whole hair has been removed from the root. A simple application of applying cream to the waxed area as soon as you’ve finished waxing and then to apply the cream daily for the following five days, will not only reduce any redness associated with waxing, soothing and moisturising the skin, but it will also be working hard to block the proteins and amino acids from creating a new hair.

After the first cycle of use you’ll notice a hair reduction of 60-80% with any hair regrowth appearing a lot weaker and thinner.

Typically two to four cycles of treatment will be enough to completely rid the area of hair permanently, but in extreme cases it can take up to 6 cycles.

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