Tips for the best men's epilation

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Tips for the best men's epilation

A shift in societal norms, partly due to hygiene and skin health considerations, have largely removed preexisting taboos against male epilation. 

Whilst traditionally most men simply shaved their beards, nowadays it’s common for men to shave other body parts with a large segment moving to laser treatment and waxing to ensure better and longer lasting results. 

FRÉNÉSIES Men is a perfect compliment to any epilation procedure and would lead to a more efficient solution (both in terms of time and cost) towards getting rid of unwanted hair permanently. With this is mind, below we set out a few tips to achieve the best possible epilation results which will also help FRÉNÉSIES Men work best. 

Here are our tips for the best male epilation.

      1. Start small - go for one desired area at a time and not the entire body at once.
      2. Hair length - it is very important that the hair is long enough to be removed from the root but not long enough that it will break (it must be from 3 to 6 mm at the time of epilation). EXTRA TIP: If the hair length exceeds 6mm (which is normal the first time you will go for an epilation treatment), you can use an electric shaver attachment to trim it to the correct length.
      3. Proper hygiene: before waxing, gently wash the area (with soap and water) to remove dirt, dead skin cells and skin care products. Afterward, dry your skin thoroughly. Clean, dry skin allows the wax to adhere properly. DON'T USE TALCUM OR ANY OTHER CREAMS/OILS as they will block the hair follicle.
      4. Wax temperature: if waxing at home you should follow the instructions on the package and always test the temperature of the wax by applying a small amount to the inside of your wrist. The wax should be warm, but not hurt or burn.
      5. Applying the wax: apply the wax to small sections of the skin you want to remove hair from. For the best results, always spread the wax in the direction of hair growth. EXTRA TIP: always check the direction in which the hair grows before applying wax. Hair sometimes grows in several different directions in one area – treat each direction separately and work in small sections.
      6. Using the cloth strip: once the wax is applied, place the cloth strip over the wax and press down firmly. Leave the cloth on for at least two to three seconds.
      7. Removing the cloth strip: to remove, hold your skin taut with one hand and use your other hand to quickly pull off the cloth in the opposite direction of the hair growth. EXTRA TIP: if you're waxing a spot that is truly to reach, such as the underarms, consider asking a friend or relative to help you.
      8. Post-treatment: after waxing, apply FRÉNÉSIES Men and leave it on your skin for 30 minutes until it dries. EXTRA TIP: it the area you waxed is very painful after removing the cloth strip you can use cold packs for a few minutes to soothe the area before applying FRÉNÉSIES  Men. 



You can use FRÉNÉSIES Men after any epilation treatment that removes hair from its root, leaving the hair follicle open for the cream to penetrate it. All FRÉNÉSIES  creams can be used as part of at-home treatments and will not only help reduce hair regrowth, but will also soothe irritation and inflammation after epilation and the menthol and rosemary will leave your skin smooth and fresh. 

Please note that FRÉNÉSIES will help reduce hair regrowth permanently after a few treatment and in between cycles the hair that remains will come out weaker, which will help to make epilation much less painful.

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  • Tomas

    Thanks for the tips!
    I didn’t know that the length of the hair had to be from 3 to 6 mm at the time of epilation to obtain a correct epilation. I did it and it was much better!

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