Waxing and Tanning

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Waxing and Tanning

Whether your planning an evening out, getting beach ready for your holiday or you liked being prepped and preened everyday, tanning and waxing are two of the most popular ways to get you hair free and bronzed, for that on trend “healthy glow”.

But can you do both waxing and tanning on the same day?

No, doing both on the same day isn’t going to do your skin any favours, and will leave your tan streaky.

So when should I tan?

You should fake tan a minimum of twenty-fours or more after you’re waxing session. There are many reasons why this is the best option, including:

  • Exfoliation

For the best tan results, you’ll understand how important it is for your skin to have been exfoliated before you tan. It is an important step because the fake tan can apply smoothly and stay on your skin for the perfect streak free bronzed glow, and not cling to those dry patches where dead skin cells can accumulate.

When you wax, you are taking off the dead skin cells too, which means not only are you getting rid of your unwanted hair, but you are also exfoliating your body too.

  • Let your skin recover

After waxing you need to let your skin recover from having its hair pulled out, and allow for the pores to close back up again.This can take anywhere between twenty-four to forty-eight hours, and like so many activities to avoid in those following hours, tanning is a big one to avoid. The best time to apply fake tan or to book your appointment is after twenty-fours hours minimum.

This will also help your skin to recover and reduce any bumps, redness and irritation that occur when you’ve been waxed.

This will help to ensure you have flawless tan that shouldn’t appear streaky.

Can I tan before I wax?

Again this wouldn’t be the best solution. Tanning before you wax will leave you with a streaking finish no matter if you had a flawless look before hand, because the wax would not only take off the unwanted hair and dead skin but also your lovely tan too.

What about sunbathing and waxing?

Again it’s advised to not sunbath or have a sunbed before or after tanning. Your skin will not only need time to heal from being exposed to the Sun or sunbed but will also need to heal from waxing too.

Again like you would with fake tan, leave at least twenty-fours hours after waxing before you use a sunbed or sunbath.

If you have sunburn on the area you are wanting to wax, then you should postpone it until your skin is fully recovered. Your skin cannot be waxed when it is burnt, because it will only cause more pain and make the area worse. Your skin will be trying to heal itself and waxing will only irritate and damage the skin further.

So a recap; if you are preparing for a wax and to be tanned, follow these simple rules to ensure the best of both outcomes.

  • Don’t get sunburnt before your waxing appointment. If you do, postpone it until your skin has recovered.
  • Don’t fake tan before your waxing appointment.
  • Allow twenty-four (minimum) to forty-eight hours after a wax before you fake tan, sunbath or have a sunbed, to achieve the very best streak free glow.

If you follow these tips then, you’ll end up with the perfect, smooth, hair free, tanned body for all occasions.

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