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A unique formula containing an array of hero ingredients, including retinol for its outstanding skin rejuvenation benefits.

An intensive overnight treatment. A double action formula - the FRÉNÉSIES Active Nutri-Intensive Cream gently removes toxins and impurities from the skin whilst providing a dose of extreme hydration.


  • Removes toxins and impurities from the skin
  • Deeply hydrates with long-lasting effects
  • Increases cell renewal
  • Improves the signs of ageing skin
  • Helps eliminate acne-causing bacteria
  • Brightens the complexion 


This unique formula combines a blend of powerful ingredients that work in synergy to clean and deeply hydrate. Vitamin F (Cocoa Butter) keeps the skin supple and soft, whilst enhancing the penetration of antioxidants. Infused with Vitamin A (Retinol) for its potent skin regeneration properties. This wonder ingredient improves the skin’s texture as well as speeds up the cell renewal process - for a more youthful appearance. Skin is left supple, smooth, and with a brighter complexion.



Apply to targeted areas of clean skin in the evening as an intensive overnight treatment. Gently apply in circular motions being careful not to drag the skin.



Oleum Olivarum, Aqua, Lanolin Anhydrous, Emulsificans Aquosum, Cacao Seed Butter, Cetyl Palmitate, Cera Flava, Retinol Acetate, Sodium tetraborate, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Ethylhexyglycerin, Phenoxyethanol.



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