FRÉNÉSIES growth reduction creams only work with epilation. Sadly, not every epilation method is compatible with our creams. That’s why we wanted to dedicate a page to all things epilation so you can get the best results quicker!

Fun fact about our hair reduction creams:

The blocking of the hair growth takes place in the hair follicle. For our hair reduction creams to work, it is essential to remove the hair from the root with the follicle bulb. This is why good epilation is key to achieving the best results.

Our recommended epilation methods are:

  1. Laser (face and body)
  2. Hot waxing (face and body)
  3. Electrolysis (face and body)
  4. Threading (face)
  5. Plucking with tweezers (face)

To achieve the best results during the treatment cycle:


  • Follow our instructions
  • Use the recommended epilation method to remove the hair from the root
  • Apply the cream 5 days in total
  • Repeat the treatment cycle if necessary


  • Apply any other creams or talcums
  • Use a different epilation method than what we recommend
  • Use cold waxing strips
  • Use depilatory creams
  • Exfoliate

We would love to support you on your journey with FRÉNÉSIES. Please get in touch with us here or consult our FAQ page in case you have any questions!