Armpit Hair Removal

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Armpit Hair Removal

Have you ever wondered why exactly it is we have armpit hair? What does it do, and why do we remove it?

Well, we’ve been thinking the same, so we thought we’d do our research and provide you with the lowdown on armpit hair!

Why do we have armpit hair?

The reason we still have armpit hair considering as humans we have generally lost a lot of our body hair through evolution is still somewhat a mystery. There are of course many theories, with many conclusions as for hair under the armpits purpose, but the ones that keep popping up and seem credible; is that underarm hair helps to prevent chafing, and helps to wick away sweat, for better ventilation.

Other theories include; that armpit hair helps to trap our own scent which then entices the opposite sex, something that perhaps isn’t solely relied upon nowadays but most definitely back in the cavemen days.

So when did women start shaving their underarms?

Well, in terms of time it was quite recent in the grand scheme of evolution, which is quite surprising considering hair removal has been done since the stone age.

It wasn’t until the sleeveless dress was created and became fashionable around the 1915 era that women started to shave the hair under their arms.

As there isn’t necessarily a use for underarm hair in today’s society, many women and men choose to remove it; whether that is for aesthetic reasons or to prevent sweat from lingering within the hair.

Underarm hair removal methods

When it comes to removing underarm hair the most popular method across the world is shaving. It’s quick and easy and removes the hair instantly. The downside is that you’ll have to shave every few days to keep on top of regrowth, and there is an increased chance of ingrown hairs.

Waxing is a good option for underarm hair removal because it not only removes the whole hair from its root but will also keep the area hair free for longer.

Although waxing the armpit is a painful process and can seem pointless when you’re only removing a small amount of hair, but it is worth it, but why?

Well for one, you’ll be hair free for longer and when the hair does grow back it will do so thinner, meaning if you keep up with waxing your underarms, the time in between appointments will become longer.

And secondly, you’ll actually be able to permanently get rid of underarm hair when you use FRÉNÉSIES Body cream in conjunction with waxing.

Permanent underarm hair removal

So if you’re fed up of constantly getting rid of your underarm hair, then FRÉNÉSIES cream is for you.

The cream works to disrupt the proteins that produce hair resulting in hair not being able to grow.

For it to work the whole hair has to be removed from its root so it can get to work deep down in the follicle, hence why waxing is the preferred hair removal method.

After just one cycle of treatment, you can expect to see a 60-80% reduction in hair regrowth. Typically it can take anywhere between two and four sessions (six in extreme cases) for hair to be permanently gone.

Those days of worrying about your outfit being ruined by underarm hair can now be a thing of the past thanks to FRÉNÉSIES Body!

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