How To Deal With Back Hair

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How To Deal With Back Hair

Having back hair is part and parcel of being human, although some people have more back hair than others thanks to their genetics, and what sex they are as men will naturally have hairier backs than women.

Why do men have hair on their backs?

Although both men and women have the same number of hair follicles covering their entire body, men have hairier backs than women because of their genetics. Despite everyone having hair on their body, men have hair that is thicker, much like hair found on the head in the pubic regions and is known as terminal hair. Women do have hair in all the same places except theirs is thinner, lighter and is known as vellus hair. It all boils down to sexual selection.

So what can you do if you have back hair that you want to remove?

As you may be aware, there are many hair removal methods for you to choose from. Some provide long periods of time without hair, whereas others are short ‘quick fixes’.

But have you ever tried reaching all the areas of your back yourself? It’ll be near on impossible to cover every centimetre, which is why you’ll also need someone to help remove all the hair.

Therefore we recommend the best hair removal method for back hair is waxing.

Why is waxing the best option to remove unwanted back hair?

Waxing is the best hair removal method because not only do you get the smoothest results possible, but these results last for a long time. We’re talking up to six weeks!

The downside is the pain level. Waxing is painful, but the more times you experience, the less painful it becomes, as you’ll be getting use to it.

Through waxing your unwanted back hair, you are pulling out the hair from its root, which is why it will take a longer time to grow back. And when it does grow back, it won’t come back through all prickly, like perhaps the hair on your face does when you shave.

You’ll have to visit a salon to get your back waxed professionally, because like we already stated, you can’t wax the whole of your back yourself.

By going to a salon to have your back waxed, you’ll be left with the smoothest hair-free back that is soft to touch and pleasing to look at if you’re doing it for aesthetic reasons?

If you continue to get your back waxed, when your hair grows back it will do softer and thinner and will take longer to grow back too.

So you’ve decided to wax your back hair, but have you considered getting rid off of your back hair entirely? Well, FRÉNÉSIES can give you a helping hand.

How FRÉNÉSIES Men can help stop back hair from growing

FRÉNÉSIES Men has been specially designed for Men to reduce their body hair growth, tackling the tough, terminal type hair to give silky smooth, hair-free skin.

The cream not only reduces hair growth on a permanent basis but also includes; chamomile, menthol and rosemary to help soothe the skin after you’ve been waxed.

FRÉNÉSIES Men works fantastically well with waxing and is the only hair removal method we’d choose to couple up with the cream, as the whole hair has to be removed from its follicle for the cream to work.

The cream works it magic, by inhibiting the hairs regrowth deep down in the hair root by blocking the amino acids and proteins from creating a new hair.

After your first cycle of application of cream, you’ll see a reduction of hair by approximately 60-80%! And after the recommend four sessions (six sessions needed in extreme cases) you’ll be completely hair free permanently, so no more waxing for you!

If you want to find out more about FRÉNÉSIES Men, then take a look at our shop section for more about the cream.

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