Hair Removal Tools Through The Years

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Hair Removal Tools Through The Years

Humans have been removing unwanted hair for hundreds of thousands of years, and thankfully through evolution, our bodies have stopped growing as much hair and dark hair, but we are still left with finer hair on our bodies. Depending on our genetics some people can be hairier than others, and the colour of the hair can be darker too.

It started right back in the stone age when our ancestors that were covered in hair would use stones to scrap away their hair to prevent enemies and animals from grabbing onto it when they were involved in a fight.

Then Egyptians progressed hair removal and invented sugar waxing. During the Egyptians times if you weren’t ‘hair free’ then this would suggest to others that you were of a lower class and unclean. Being hairless was associated with being rich and powerful and is a trend that has carried on through the years that includes the Romans and Greeks following suit.

Hair removal devices through the years

Let’s start right back at the beginning of time during the Neolithic times when Cavemen would use stones that had been sharpened to a point, to scrape their animal-like fur off their bodies for protection purposes.

Moving onto the Egyptians times, and hair removal progressed, and a new hair removal invention was born - waxing!

The Egyptians created hard wax, a less painful method than scraping your skin with a stone!

The Romans not only used wax and pumice stones but invented the razor, tweezers and depilatory creams. Yes, it is true that the Romans indeed managed to create most tools for hair removal, but that doesn’t mean to say they were the nicest of appliances to use.

Razors were made with flint, depilatory creams were made with a concoction of weird ingredients that include bat’s blood and resin, and as for tweezers; well these were a gruesome tool that plucked pubic hair as soon as it started to grow.

Throughout the hundreds of years since these ancient times, many different eras have produced their own way of getting rid of hair, but no new hair removal device was invented or progressed until the 1900’s when the first razor in the shape and form we have now was developed specifically for women.

The 1980’s saw the invention of the epilator, a mechanical tweezer that can pluck out many hairs in one go, and was a game-changing in the world of hair removal.

Fast forward to the 1990’s when laser hair removal and intense pulsed light were designed to provide long-term results of hair removal, and today we have seven options to get rid of your unwanted hair: Waxing, shaving, epilators, tweezers, IPL, laser hair removal and depilatory creams.

Permanent hair removal

FRÉNÉSIES have looked back through the history books and science books to develop a cream that uses natural ingredients to safely prevent the growth of unwanted hair.

When used in conjunction with waxing it will provide you with smooth, hair-free skin on a permanent basis, as well as soothing any irritation and redness, and moisturise the skin.

There currently isn’t any other product available on the market that can do what FRÉNÉSIES does!

It will take anywhere between two and four cycles of treatment to completely get rid of your unwanted hair altogether, but in extreme cases can take up to six sessions.

FRÉNÉSIES Body Cream works on all areas of the body you wish to remove hair and FRÉNÉSIES Facial Cream has been specially designed for use on the face as the facial area requires different needs to that of the rest of the body.

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