Home Waxing vs Salon Waxing

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Home Waxing vs Salon Waxing

Have you ever wondered why anybody would go to a salon to get waxed when you can simply do it at home?

Well, there are numerous reasons as to why some prefer a salon wax and others prefer at home waxing, so we thought we’d see the advantages and disadvantages of both to help you choose the right waxing path for you.

Home Waxing

Home waxing is an easy, cost-effective and quick way to have longer lasting hair-free areas.

It has never been easier for waxing beginners to be able to achieve smooth, soft, hair-free legs.

From pre-made wax strips to suit legs, bikini lines and face, to roll on wax devices and at home wax kits, the choice is endless.

Pre-made strips are great for those in a hurry and come in various sizes to suit the different areas you want to wax, as well as being fantastic for waxing beginners. It is cheaper than visiting a salon too.

For those that are slightly more experienced, you can purchase at home wax kits, like the ones a technician uses at a salon.

You have to heat the wax to the right temperature, apply it to the area you wish to wax with a wooden spatula, apply a clean cloth and strip off to reveal silky smooth skin.

This option does get a little messy, especially when you first start out.

Plus you need to make sure you get the wax to the right temperature; otherwise, if it is too hot it can burn you, and if it’s too cold it won’t work.

The best aspect of at home waxing is you don’t have to wait for a salon appointment and you can do it whenever you need to, or when it is convenient for you.

The downsides to at home waxing is that there is a higher risk of having ingrown hairs due to a poorer technique. You might not be able to wax from the best angle in those hard to reach places, resulting in some hair being left behind.

Salon Waxing

Salon waxing is perfect for those who want a professional wax and don’t want the hassle of doing it themselves. You know there will be no areas that will be missed, while the technician can use her qualified experience to provide you with the best results possible.

The technician will also be able to reassure you of any concerns you may have and let you know if waxing is the right treatment for you, especially if you’re on specific medication that isn’t compatible with waxing.

Once you’re waxed, the technician will provide you with aftercare advice that is crucial to adhere to once you’ve been waxed. The advice will include how to look after the area for the following days while advising you on what to avoid.

Ingrown hairs are inevitable when removing hair, but the chances of them happening or the amount you experience are far less when being waxed at a salon. This is due to the technicians' experience and ability to be able to wax and fully remove hairs anywhere without having to get into an awkward position if you were to do it yourself.

By going to a salon for a waxing appointment means you are significantly reducing the chance of a burn, scarring and infection from improper removal of wax.

Book in the recommended time frame, and you’ll find that your hair will soon take longer to grow back and when it does grow back it will be thinner and weaker.

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