Cream To Stop Hair Growth On Face

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Cream To Stop Hair Growth On Face

Hair growth on the face can be something of a real burden to ladies. It truly is a problem that is more common than you think.

There can be a number of reasons as to why ladies grow facial hair, one being hormones and the second is when a woman goes through the menopause - hormone levels change which can trigger facial hair growth.

Why do we have facial hair?

Everyone has facial hair. Men tend to have the thicker, coarser, darker facial hair whereas woman will have very soft and light (barely noticeable) ‘peach fuzz’.

There have been numerous theories as to why men develop facial hair, including strong theories that it is for attracting a partner and appearing more male and dominant over their peers.

But for woman it is different.

Facial hair growth on woman is known as Hirsutism and it truly does come down to hormones and certain conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is where a woman’s body has more male hormones present than female and an hormone imbalance which affects their weight, moods, fertility, can produce acne, can prevent periods from happening, and produces hair growth on the face and in other areas of the body in extreme cases.

Once a lady starts going through the menopause this is when hair starts to naturally grow on the face.

This is down to the menopause lowering the hormone Oestrogen as it is no longer needed and which also keeps the hormone responsible for facial hair growth Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) lower during childbearing years, but once the Oestrogen levels drop the DHT hormones starts increasing, which increases the growth of hair on the face.

Most women like to get rid of their facial hair and to do so there are many ways to do so, including;

  • Waxing
  • Bleaching
  • Laser hair removal
  • Plucking
  • Using an Epilator
  • Shaving

But these are all only temporary solutions that are going to need to be done anywhere from a daily basis to every couple of weeks or so.

How do you stop hair growth on your face?

There are of course certain medical drugs and medicated creams that you can be prescribed from your doctor to help put an end to facial hair growth. However, these don’t always work!

Frenesies Facial Cream has been scientifically developed with Europe’s very best scientists to incorporate natural and clinically proven ingredients to help naturally stop hair growth on your delicate facial area.

The active ingredient Selenium, inhibits the hair growth deep within the hair follicle, breaking down the active proteins and amino acids that are needed to produce hair, through herbal extracts. Any hair that does grow back will do so thinner, paler and weaker until it ultimately can no longer grow.

For the anti hair growth cream to work all hair has to be removed from its root, meaning waxing is the best hair removal method when used in conjunction with the facial cream.

As soon as the area has been waxed, apply Frenesies facial cream to get it to work straight away. The cream will also soothe, moisturise and reduce redness associated with waxing thanks to the ingredient White Willow (Salix Alba), leaving your skin silky soft.

For the cream to work you have to apply it every day for five days from the day you waxed.

After the first cycle you will see a 60-80% reduction in hair regrowth, with hair being completely gone on a permanent basis after two to four cycles of treatment. In the rarest and most extreme cases it can take up to six cycles of treatments.

So if you’re experiencing unwanted facial hair growth, now you really can achieve the ultimate goal of complete hairlessness permanently with Frenesies Facial Cream.


  • Kristina

    Hi Kiran, this is Kristina from the FRÉNÉSIES customer care team here.

    Our hair growth reduction creams should be used on freshly epilated and clean skin. The cream should be used once a day for five days. Usage of the cream for 5 days constitutes 1 treatment cycle. On average our customers need to do 2-4 treatment cycles to achieve over 75% hair reduction.

    For more detailed guidance please consult our instructions on

    With kindest regards,
    Kristina from the FRÉNÉSIES team.

  • Kiran

    How would you use this hair inhibitor?
    I know you are supposed to put it on after hair removal, but can you use other products in conjunction like face wash? And how many times would you use it in a day? And how long for?

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