How To Get The Most From Your Epilator Session

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How To Get The Most From Your Epilator Session

Using an epilator to remove your unwanted hair can seem daunting at first with all the stories flying around the internet about it being painful etc, but honestly it really doesn’t have to be that scary, with our easy step by step guide.

When Is The Best Time To Epilate?

Whether it is your first time epilating or your a regular pro, it is best to do so at night either in the shower/bath (if you’re new to the process) or straight after.

It will be easier and less painful to use an epilator at this time, because your pores will be open more, the hair will be softer and a lot easier for it to be removed from its roots.

By also doing it at night, it will allow for your skin to recover, reducing inflammation and any redness so your legs should be ready to show off to the world the following day.

Side note; if you’re going through your menstrual cycle or are about to, you may want to avoid using an epilator at this time. This is because your body is really sensitive at this time and it will be more painful than normal to remove your unwanted hair.

How To Prepare For Your Epilator Session

Step 1

Exfoliate, exfoliate, EXFOLIATE!

Yes, you’ve guessed it, you’ll need to exfoliate the day before you’re due to epilate. This helps to remove any dead skin cells as well as helping to make the hair you’re about to epilate stand up more, making it easy for the epilator to grab onto the hair.

You can exfoliate right before you epilate, but this can be irritating especially if you have sensitive skin.

Step 2

If epilating in the bath or shower, epilate after ten minutes of soaking so your pores will be nice and open and the pain won’t be as intense.

Or epilate as soon as you out of the bath/shower and dry. Dry epilating will produce better results as the epilator will be able to get grab onto hairs more easily.

Don’t epilate in long strips as you would shaving, but epilate small areas at a time. Also don’t start epilating from the ankle area or on the knee (when epilating your leg), this is quite possibly the most painful area to start from as it is on bone. When using your epilator on your leg start, on the belly of your calf or side of your leg, this will be the least painful place.

Don’t rush your epilator session either. It does take more time than shaving your legs, but the results are worth it. It shouldn’t take you longer than thirty minutes to epilate both legs for example.

Step 3

Once you’ve finished epilating you’ll need to apply a soothing lotion that will help to moisturise the area, while soothing and calming it also.

Frenesies Body Cream is perfect for this final stage, with its natural soothing properties and the added bonus of achieving complete hair removal on a permanent basis.

Step 4

In between epilator session it’s crucial for you to keep up exfoliation and moisturisation, to prevent ingrown hairs and bumps to form, because of dead skin cells clogging the pores.

This will also help any new hairs to pierce the skin and grow through as they normally would.

Fancy being hair free for longer?

The joys of using Frenesies Body Cream mean you can achieve permanent hair free areas of your body when used in conjunction with a hair removal technique (epilator/waxing) that physically removes the whole hair from its root.

Frenesies body cream is packed with scientifically proven, natural ingredients that inhibit and prevent the growth of hair, while soothing the treated area too.

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