The 2018 Styles For Your Intimate Area

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The 2018 Styles For Your Intimate Area

Through the years there have been many different styles for your pubic hair, ranging from au natural, to complete removal of all hair. This got us thinking and wondering, what is the current trend for pubic hair in 2018?

After doing some research it appears that there isn’t one particular way to wear your pubic hair, that finally after years of being told “you should do it this way” the norm is now “do what you want”. Which in theory is what you could do all along, but there was and still is to a degree a pressure, that it has to look a certain way.

There have been many external and social influences determining how one should have their pubic hair, and this has dated right back to the Egyptian and Greek times when being hair free meant you were richer, cleaner and had a higher social status.

In 2018 more women are deciding to not remove all of their hair anymore and to either go back to the simple, neat and tidy bikini waxes or to be completely natural.

Although women are also experimenting more with their bikini waxes to create different shapes to the hair they have left after waxing.

You no longer have to have a traditional triangle shape or “landing strip”. No, you can have heart shapes, diamond shapes, shapes that will help ‘slim down’ your hip width if that is something that concerns you, a full moon (a circle of pubic hair on your pubic bone), or pretty much any shape you’d like.

Most experienced waxing technicians view shaping your pubic hair as an art form, allowing them to be creative expressionists, providing you with more freedom with how you have your intimate area.

But by far the hottest trend of 2018 is a Brazilian wax with added glitter!

That’s right, get your wax technician to wax your pubic hair into any shape you wish and ask them to add glitter. Apparently there are a lot of glitter stencils they use so the choice should be endless.

Sadly, although it’s not a permanent design, you can achieve smoother, silky soft and hair free skin on a permanent basis after waxing with the help of Frenesies Body Cream.

Frenesies Body cream for removal of unwanted hair

Whether you want to permanently get rid of your hair altogether around your intimate area, or you want to stick to a simple landing strip design, triangle or whatever you want, you can now permanently have that, and stop experiencing the gruelling waxing appointments and seeing your waxing technician when you have used Frenesies Cream.

After the first cycle of treatment any hair that does grow back will do so thinner, paler and a lot weaker. After two to four cycles of treatment you will be hair free permanently.

The cream has been specifically formulated to be tough enough to block a new hair from forming, deep down within its root, while being gentle enough to smooth and nourish the skin after waxing, helping to reduce the redness and irritation that you have after waxing. With natural ingredients at the forefront of the formula, this tough little cream will become your new best friend.

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