Bikini Waxing Mistakes To Avoid

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Bikini Waxing Mistakes To Avoid

Bikini waxing, it’s not pretty to do, it’s painful but the results are 100% worth it. But there are many ways it can go wrong and there are of course many mistakes that you can easily avoid, so you have the best experience and the best result possible.

We’d always recommend that you see a professional, wax technician/beautician to ensure you get the best results every time, but if you are planning on doing your bikini wax yourself then below are several mistakes to avoid.

Pulling the wax off slowly

Now in theory pulling it off slowly would mean that it’s less painful, right? Wrong! Pulling the bikini wax off slowly will only leave you with patches of hair, in more pain and it will take a lot longer to complete the waxing procedure.

Wax has been designed to be pulled off quickly, so breathe, count to three and pull that wax off in one go, to help give you the best results.

You’re using the wrong wax for your bikini wax

Ready made wax strips and soft wax that you apply to your skin, pop on a cloth over the top and pull off, aren’t the waxes you should be using.

Hard wax is best suited for all waxing of your intimate area. Firstly it isn’t as painful as soft wax when you come to remove it. And secondly, you can even make it at home with sugar, honey and lemon!

Hard wax is the choice wax for those with sensitive skin (which is also why its perfect for this area as it is sensitive), as it only pulls the hair out of its root and not the top layer of dead skin cells like soft wax does, meaning less irritation.

Hard wax does require being heated to a certain temperature before you apply it to your skin with a wooden spatula and cooled.

Soft wax is too harsh for your delicate area and can leave you with bruises if taken off incorrectly.

Aftercare doesn’t matter!

Wrong, aftercare is so important after waxing. You’ll need to help close the pores to prevent bacteria from getting in and infecting the area. You’ll need to soothe the area to help reduce redness and irritation that will pretty much always occur after waxing. You will also need to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs with regular exfoliation.

The weeks between your waxing sessions, you’ll need to exfoliate the area with a gentle scrub, to make sure there are no dead skin cells that block the area where the hair will poke through to grow. If the hair can’t break the skin, then it will start to grow inwards and cause an ingrown hair.

The following twenty-four to forty-eight hours are crucial and really need aftercare. No tight clothing to be worn, no sunbeds or swimming, no exercising and no fragranced lotions to be applied, because all of these aspects will aggravate the area further when it is trying to heal.

Drinking caffeine or alcohol before you wax

Caffeine and alcohol both act as a stimulate and instead of helping you, will cause your skin to become more sensitive to the waxing, which increases the amount of irritation and redness you’re susceptible too.

Pulling the wax off in the wrong direction

It maybe common sense to some, but a lot of people pull the wax off the wrong way and wonder why they aren’t left with super smooth, hair free skin?

You first apply the wax onto the hair in the direction of the hair growth. For your bikini line, that’s applying the wax downwards, as if looking down your body, away from your body towards your legs.

When you come to take the wax off, you pull it off in the opposite direction to your hair growth. This means pulling it back towards your body, pulling it away from your legs. This enables you to pull all hair out of the root in a quick and sufficient manner, working against the way you applied the wax for best results.

Clean skin

Did you clean the area you are about to wax? No, well that could be a problem.

The natural oils on the skin can act as a barrier against the wax, meaning it won’t connect with all the hairs and pull them out. Leaving you with a patchy area. Before you wax, make sure you clean the area and thoroughly dry the area with a patting motion not rubbing, so it will be ready to be waxed.

Unwanted hair is too long

If the area of hair is too long, then when you wax you run the risk of the hair snapping and not being fully pulled out of the root, which is an inconvenience!

So trim your hair to a quarter to half an inch for the best result.

Frenesies Cream

If you want to be hair free for longer, and really can’t put up with waxing every few weeks, then Frenesies can help make you hair free permanently.

Use it after waxing to not only help calm any redness and irritation but to help block any new hairs from forming. After the first cycle fo use you’ll notice hair to be finer, weaker, paler and a reduction in hair growth. Up 60% less to be precise. After two to four cycles of use, you can expect to be hair free permanently.

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