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Waxing is by far the most effective method of removing unwanted facial or body hair, especially if you're going to be using FRÉNÉSIES hair growth prevention products afterwards. Waxing comes with an array of benefits in comparison to other hair removal methods and guarantees the best results, so listen up! Benefits of Waxing While waxing has its downfalls, such as being one of the more painful methods of hair removal and having some risks if not carried out professionally, it is also one of the most effective. Waxing, including hot waxing and sugar waxing (or sugaring), removes hairs from the...

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At one time or another, 'manscaping' is a word every man will read or hear uttered amongst friends. Manscaping is, quite simply, the process of men grooming their body hair for aesthetic purposes – whether it's to look better to others or feel better in themselves. Either way, for most men, manscaping is a fact of life, especially if pesky hair is growing where you don't want it or growing in patches leaving you with uneven hair and an unsightly body. Shoulder, back, and thick or patchy chest hair are the most common problem areas for men. But don't sweat...

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Just when you think you've passed 30 gracefully, often, facial hairs start to spring up, bringing with them uncertainty about beauty later in life and how you can retain your youthful appearance. Cue facial hair removal. Thanks to beauty experts delving into the topic with grace and honesty, we know which methods work and which will disappoint, damage or leave you feeling down in the dumps. In this article, we dive into the topic of female facial hair removal, covering how you remove unwanted hairs from common areas such as your chin, cheeks and your upper lip. We will also...

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