Can Waxing Stop Hair Growth?

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Can Waxing Stop Hair Growth?

Many people across the world would love the opportunity to permanently get rid of their unwanted hair, with many asking whether waxing can eventually stop hair growth?

So we thought we’d delve into the world of waxing and see if it can indeed stop hair growth.

First, let’s look at what waxing is and how it works.

Waxing is the process of removing hair from its follicle in one quick pull of wax.

Wax comes in two forms; hard wax and soft wax.

Hard wax is when you don’t use a strip to pull the wax off such as sugar waxing, and soft wax is when you use a muslin or paper strip to pull the wax and hair off.

How does waxing work?

Whether you use hard or soft wax, waxing works by sticking to your skin and hair, and when pulled off, it pulls out the hair from its follicle and any dead skin cells too. The pulling motion also damages the bulb of the root, meaning the hair that does grow back will become weaker, thinner and take longer to develop.

Is one waxing method better than the other?

In essence no, both hard and soft wax do the same job. The only difference is that those who have more sensitive skin may fair better with hard waxing (sugar waxing) as it tends to not stick to the skin but to only pull the hairs out. This method causes less irritation than soft wax, which can be too harsh for sensitive skin or for those who have lower pain thresholds.

Is waxing a permanent or semi-permanent hair removal method?

Waxing is classed as a semi-permanent hair removal method, as it removes the whole hair from the root, but doesn’t completely stop hair from growing back.

Because the hair is removed from its follicle, it takes a longer time for the whole hair to grow back and pierce the skin.

However, although it isn’t exactly a permanent solution, what waxing does over time is not only to remove hair but damages the hair follicle in the process. This makes the new hair that grows; thinner, weaker, and paler, which increases the time for it to grow, leaving you hair free for longer. In fact, waxing can leave you hair free anywhere between four and six weeks.

So how can you stop unwanted hair growth?

To stop unwanted hair growth and to prevent it from growing back altogether, is easy when you wax and use Frenesies cream.

Frenesies cream works to block the proteins and amino acids within the hair follicle to stop a new hair from forming and growing.

It’s the perfect partner to waxing as it not only helps to stop hair growth but it also helps to naturally soothe the area and reduce the associated redness.

With the very best scientists and natural ingredients, our creams are a proven, naturally safe way to get rid of all the unwanted hair you desire in as easy as two to four cycles of treatment. After the first cycle of treatment, you’ll be able to notice up to an 80% reduction in hair regrowth.

No matter if you want to remove hair on your body, on your face or if you’re a male and wanting to prevent hair growth, there is a Frenesies cream for all scenarios.

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