What Is The Purpose Of Body Hair?

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What Is The Purpose Of Body Hair?

Body hair, we all have it but have you ever wondered what exactly its purpose is? We have, and we thought we’d put together a post explaining everything you need to know about human body hair.

Why do we have body hair?

The body has over 5,000,000 hair follicles which all produce a hair. Our hair actually has several different functions to perform, including protecting the skin from environmental stresses, while responding to messages both external and internally that have been transferred into neurological impulses.

For example; if your body starts to feel cold, then the brain will send signals to your hair’s on your body to stand up to trap air to insulate and warm our bodies up. Hair can also detect if there is a foreign body on our body, such as an insect, so we can then work towards getting rid of it.

Back in the neolithic days, hair would protect the skin from cuts, grazes, and the Sun kept the body warm, and even worked well as camouflage.

Through the years, as humans, we have developed through evolution, and our hair waned in texture, thickness and colour, and there are a number of possible reasons for this.

Firstly, as we migrated across the world, we experienced hotter temperatures which with a full body of hair wasn’t practical; therefore our skin grew barer which helped our body to cool down quicker.

Cavemen and women also use to try and get rid of their body hair as it could easily be a weapon for an opponent to grab onto if they were in a fight.

Eyelashes are our bodies first defence in stopping bugs and other irritating objects from hurting our eyes. Leg hair and arm hair developed to help prevent chafing so we could move around without causing friction.

Does hair on different body parts do different things?

In essence yes, hair on different body parts have a different purpose.

As we stated above hair under our arms, on our legs and in the genital area are there to ‘protect’ and to prevent chafing.

The hair on the head is said to help protect the scalp from the Sun, and hair found on the rest of the body is used as thermoregulation, while also being able to detect when an insect lands on the skin, so we can reduce the chance of becoming bitten.

How to be hair free permanently

In this day and age, thankfully we have developed to not needing hair on our bodies as much as we once did, and the fashion for thousands of years is to have a hairless body.

But being hair free tends to come with its downsides - the constant need of keeping hair free with numerous waxing appointments or shaving nearly every day, surely there must be a better way?

And yes there is! FRÉNÉSIES Cream can make you permanently hair free with a huge reduction in hair regrowth (60-80% reduction) after just one cycle of treatment.

The cream works within the hair follicle to stop the new hair from forming and growing. The number of cycles of treatment needed to achieve complete hairlessness is between two and four, (six in extreme cases).

Whether you want to get rid of the hair on your face, your body, or perhaps your male and have thought about getting rid of your body hair too, FRÉNÉSIES has a cream for each of these situations.

The creams are all scientifically proven to work with natural ingredients helping to get rid of your unwanted hair. There really isn’t anything on the market that can offer these perfect results, and provide you with luscious, soft permanent hair-free skin.

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